How fast is your interface?

UXZoom is the first UX optimization focused analytics, that shows where your users experience troubles and churn. Then we communicate those problems with MNOs and broadband services, and help them fix those issues.
5 reasons to use UXZoom
  1. Your service heavily relies on media content (video, audio, photos etc)
  2. You'd like to improve your content loading time
  3. You'd like to know how much is your loss due to bad user experience
  4. You want to compare your metrics with your industry average
  5. You want free analytics that helps you easily find dependencies between user experience and business metrics

For Video on demand services
By tracking loading time, video quality, drop rate etc, we help you deliver best viewing experience.
We also provide benchmarks based on leading European VOD services data

For VOIP services
Enabling you to track voice quality, connection time, call drops etc across different regions and network operators.

For Online gaming
Packet loss is huge problem for online gaming, making users mad about it. We help you to identify point of your user interface and segments of your users base who suffers the most.

For Rich media services
Dating, e-commerce or photo sharing tool? Loading time is business critical for you?

We'll help you to find your users' pain points, estimate potential loss and make your infrastructure investments profitable.

Convenient analytics that shows multiple segments and data points within one interface
Pricing: It' free. We don't charge mobile and web services. Our business model relies on helping mobile network and broadband operators to improve their user experience.
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